FQHC Whitepaper coverHospital Technology Forecast 2020


Survey reveals hospital leaders’ top health IT investment priorities, challenges, and opportunities

It’s no secret that EMRs have not lived up to expectations. From challenging implementations to poor workflows to difficulty analyzing data and lack of interoperability—the list of problems is long. While the challenges aren’t so great that hospitals are ready to rip out the systems entirely (they’ve invested too much time and money) a growing number are looking to different health IT vendors to fill in their EMR gaps and address their 2020 priorities. That’s according to a survey of 100 hospital C-suite leaders put forth by healthcare consultancy Sage Growth Partners.

As hospitals seek out new vendors and solutions, they face significant challenges. The healthcare IT market is oversaturated, and the C-suite is continually bombarded by companies touting the “latest and greatest” technologies. Sifting through the noise and identifying the best solution can be nearly impossible for hospital leaders.

This report, based on the Sage Growth Partners survey, can help. It reveals the new technology hospitals are investing in most often, what more hospitals should consider investing in and why, and how hospitals can ensure they are getting the most ROI out of their technology investments.

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